Gioya McRae

Author & Freelance Writer

Why I Write

I have many reasons for writing, but the most compelling were my experiences as a kid. I was an unpopular child, nerdy, not cool by my peers’ standards. I was often picked on and pushed around. I retreated into a world of fiction books where I could be the heroine, be honored and be beloved. Between those pages, I was brave and beautiful.

As I entered my teenage years, I swung to the other end of the spectrum. There I became rebellious, disrespectful and irreverent. My life disintegrated into low self-esteem and isolation. I was in great pain.

I kept a journal during those years and those times I deemed it necessary to attend school, I was excellent in English. Writing fiction and essays were my way of escaping into a world I could control. I dreamed of becoming a best-selling author.

Many authors can relate to having their talents go without encouragement. It’s not that anyone discouraged me from writing, but no one urged me forward either. My parents, who had worked hard all of their lives to keep a roof over our heads, did not see writing as a viable career. They encouraged me to get a civil service job and stay there until I retired to a good pension. They did their best. My few friends were like me, wayward and wandering around without direction. They simply made fun of my literary efforts.

Over the years writing healed my soul. I expressed my pain and emotions through poetry. In romantic encounters, writing became my way of connecting honestly with my partners. I could say what I really felt without stumbling over my words.

As I got older and my confidence blossomed, I grew bold enough to submit work to publications. Rejection letters only gave me a reason to write something new. Finally the day came when I opened a letter only to have my first check fall out of the envelope. That validation closed a gap in my soul. That hole in my heart that cried out for recognition, acceptance and respect was filled by that one tiny slip of paper. I was an author.

I now weave my experiences, growth and emotions into my novels, short stories and magazine articles. Writing continues to be a healing process for me where my characters can express thoughts that run through the recesses of my mind. This is a writer’s gift from God. I will use it all of my life and I encourage you to do the same.

Gioya McRae