Gioya McRae is a freelance lifestyle writer, the author of 9 books and numerous articles. 

Selected Samples


Mind Games: How to Recognize Abuse

Everyone loves her husband. He’s charming, handsome, polite, and intelligent. Then why is she so miserable in this marriage?

Healthy Steps to Albany

Children today have a lower life expectancy than their parents, largely due to the rise in obesity and related chronic diseases.

Studio Montclair artists show and ‘Celebrate!’

If you want to go “Dancing with the Hippos”, have a “Date with an Angel” or gaze at a “Miracle of Lights,” the Montclair Library may be your destination.

Newark, New Jersey: A College Town

When you think of Newark, do you think of green campuses and ivy halls? I think not. With five major educational institutions, Newark is indeed a college town.

The Seasons of Creativity

I think creativity has seasons. The winter is when ideas hibernate. Cocooned in a warm home, they morph from ripened apples into a holiday cobbler of creative pursuits.

A Different Christmas Carol

From Auction Block to Hip Hop, written and produced by David Lamb, co-produced by his wife Jamillah Lamb and directed by Summer Hill Seven is a humorous, but serious work which predicts our futures if we continue demeaning women of color in the Hip Hop industry.


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